The Art of Photography

Our daily world is a universe of colorful visuals and moments in time worthy of capturing as keepsakes in the form of photographs. Digital technology and imaging apps make snapshot capability easily accessible.

With cell phones in hand, many people document life as it happens. Photography has become a basic mode of communication in the 21st-century.

Photography as an art shines a new light on images created by an individual. Whether a snapshot is spontaneous or staged, the results can be an amazing expression of art.

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What is Art?

Defining art is an important question when figuring out what can be considered artistic.
The camera person and viewer may have different ideas about what qualifies as art. However, we can rest assured that photography is most definitely a specialized art form that has dramatically evolved over the centuries.

Early Years

The early years of artistic play through photos began with experimentation during the 18th-century. Testing with projected images and light-sensitive materials created humble beginnings for photo-based artworks.

Nicephore Niepce, the French inventor, created an image captured with a make-shift camera device requiring eight hours and days of exposure time. Once the new invention of photography became available, critics started questioning the validity of the new medium being an art.

Art enthusiasts did not immediately see the new invention as a specified artistic method. The photography pioneers saw their work as fine art because they were artistically schooled painters motivated by painting traditions. Additionally, the emerging photographers upheld their work as painting emulation, which created skepticism in art societies.

The power of photography comes from the fact that reality is necessary, opposed to a painting. A photograph can say a lot in all languages; it’s real-time and full of artistic opportunities.

Visual Art Forms

As a fine art, the creator aligns their framing and conceptualization from creative thought. There is a particular order to skillfully expressing emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

Advertising photography focuses on products while documentary photos capture imagery that explain the topic. Photography can be viewed as a silent language with a potentially profound message.

The world is constantly on stage with many areas to find motivation from. Here are some directions to aim your camera and visual interests.

  • Nature Photography
  • Portraits
  • Wildlife
  • Underwater
  • Advertising
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Wedding
  • Aerial
  • Travel
  • Photojournalism
  • Documentary

Pre-thought and creative consideration separates your average selfie from an amazing photograph! Photos benefit society as a means to communicate, document, and celebrate life!

17 May 2021


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